Badminton is a great way to keep fit, make friends and have fun! In 2017, the STBA are offering three pennants that we'd ♥ for you to participate in:

Roster 1 (Jan-May)

Nominations Close/Grading Night: 5th January 2017
Competition Starts (the week of): 16th January 2017
Grand Final: 5th May 2017

Roster 2 (May-Sept)

Nominations Close/Grading Night: 26th April 2017
Competition Starts (the week of): 15th May 2017
Grand Final: 1st September 2017

Roster 3 (Sept-Dec)

Nominations Close/Grading Night: 30th August 2017
Competition Starts (the week of): 11th September 2017
Grand Final: 15th December 2017 Nominations Open!

2017 Pricing

Badminton is one of the cheapest sports you can play! Here's what it will cost you in 2017:


Match Fees per week
This covers your court fees for the night, and feather shuttles for your team.


3 Continuous Rosters
(best value)


Single Roster
(testing the water)


Single Roster
(university discount)


3 Continuous Rosters
(family discount)
Your registration fee covers your insurance for the pennant (or season) along with required affiliation fees for the Tasmanian Badminton Association. A valid and current student ID is required for the University Discount. The family discount is per person and only applies when three members of the same family (living at the same address) nominate.