Badminton is a great way to keep fit, make friends and have fun! In 2019, the STBA are offering three pennants that we'd ♥ for you to participate in:

STBA Membership

Roster 1 (Jan-May)

Nominations Close/Grading Night: 5th January 2019
Competition Starts (the week of): 14th January 2019
Grand Final: 10th May 2019

Roster 2 (May-Aug)

Nominations Close/Grading Night: 7th May 2019
Competition Starts (the week of): 20th May 2019
Grand Final: 9th August 2019

Roster 3 (Aug-Dec)

Nominations Close/Grading Night: 29th August 2019
Competition Starts (the week of): 19th August 2019
Grand Final: 13th December 2019

2019 Pricing

Badminton is one of the cheapest sports you can play! Here's what it will cost you in 2019:

Annual Membership

$10 per year

All Roster players are required to be fully paid Members of STBA.

Roster Registration

3 Rosters: $105

3 Continuous Rosters
(best value)

1 Roster: $40

Single Roster
(testing the water)


Single Roster
(university discount)


3 Continuous Rosters
(family discount)

Per playing night

Approx: $12

Match Fees per week This covers your court fees for the night, and feather shuttles for your team.