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  • If you played in the 2015 Autumn Roster then you do not need to pay any further registration fee until the 2016 Autumn roster, otherwise you will need to pay a "single-roster-only" fee of $30.
  • Deadline for entry in the Roster is 10 January (which is also Grading night).
  • Roster commences Monday 18 January 2016. 
If you are required to pay the 'single-roster-only' fee of $30,
please ensure the payment is made prior to the roster commencement..

You can make a direct deposit to:
Southern Tas Badminton Assn.  BSB: 067 002,   Account Number: 2803 7309
(Please use your name as a payment reference so that we will know who the payment was from).

If, for any reason, you are not placed in a team then your registration fee will be refunded.

Why do you have to pay a Registration fee ?

Nominations for this roster have now closed. Late entries may only be accepted if numbers are required

Given Name:    Family Name:    Gender (M/F): 

Address:    Preferred phone:   Date-of-birth*:

Email Address:

Emergency Contact/Next-of-Kin:  

If you paid a registration fee then please make a note here.   If you haven't paid, or don't need to pay, then also leave a note, for example: "I will pay cash at the Canteen", or  "I paid a full Membership in the Autumn roster".  

Current Division that you play:    Would you like to be considered for a higher Div ? Yes/No:

Do you want to fill-in for a higher Division? Yes/No:     Do you want to enter as a fill-in only:

There are no singles in the Summer roster, but the STBA is instead offering a singles roster on Wednesday nights (open to all divisions). Would you like to enter the singles roster:

Do you consent to having your name and phone number made available to other registered players (online):

You can add notes here:  

  * The STBA is required to collect this information on behalf of Badminton Australia.
 (If you prefer not to disclose the date of your birthday then just give the year of your birth).


As a parent or guardian of the above named player I hereby state that all information is correct and I agree that:
  •  My child will follow the Rules and Procedures of the STBA.
  •  A parent or guardian will be on the premises prior to the completion of play on the roster night.
Parent/Guardian Name:   I have read and agree to the above conditions. Yes/No:


I understand that as a player I am required to adhere to the rules of badminton and to the code of conduct outlined below:
  •  Players must not argue with an umpire's decision.
  •  Players must not harass, or verbally or physically abuse other players or officials.
  •  Players must not use obscene language.
  •  Players under 18 years of age must not leave the venue without consulting their team captain.
  •  Players must be ready to play, properly attired and courtside, when a game is due to commence.
  •  Players must not throw or abuse their racquet.
  •  Players must wear proper badminton clothing for all roster games.
I understand that if I do not conform to the above code of conduct and to the STBA rules, that my games may be forfeited and that I could be refused permission to play in roster matches.

By clicking the "Submit" button below you are applying to enter the next roster and to become a Member of Southern Tasmanian Badminton Assn.

If you gave a valid email address above then a receipt for your registration will be sent to that email address.

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