Badminton DevilBadminton Devil Tournament

2018 Player Requirements

YOU MUST Read these Player Requirements prior to entering the
‘Badminton Devil Tournament’

There is a link to entry form at the bottom of this page.

  1. Have a Devil of a time.!
  2. Age - Minimum age is 18 years as of the tournament date. Players under this age wishing to play must meet these guidelines - have their parents apply to the committee and state names of a referee – eg: coach / trainer. Any under age player must be sufficiently mature to mix with adults in competition on the courts and socially off the courts for an entire weekend .
  3. Dress Code – Appropriate badminton attire must be worn by all players. By definition:
    •  Polo Top – has sleeves and a collar - preferred.
    • Tee Shirt – has sleeves and no collar - not preferred, but accepted.
    • Singlet Top – has no sleeves - not preferred - Remember we play a sweaty indoor sport.
    • Shorts / Skirts - preferred.
    • Long Trousers / Track Pants - not preferred, but accepted.
    • Skin Tights - not preferred, but accepted under shorts or skirt.

    Please note - We wish to maintain a standard appropriate to our sport and expected by the majority.

  4. Refund Policy - No refunds after 'entries close date' - no exceptions.
  5. One Day Entries - Not accepted, other than as a fill-in. (If you would be available to fill-in either day, please contact the committee).
  6. Joint Entry - For those unable to play a whole weekend. Enter with another player of similar badminton skills and you split the 5 matches and the entry fee. If your joint partner pulls out, you will need to find another. You will have more options at your association than the committee does. Both players can play on the same day, but not in the same match .
  7. Payment - Entries received without payment by ‘closing date’ will not be accepted. (only exception is fill-ins called in at short notice). Payments can be made by direct deposit, cheque, or cash (locals only).
  8. Start Time - Will be 9am both days. You will need to allow for warm-up time both days and player briefing at 8.50am Saturday.
  9. Tournament date Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April 2018
  10. Entries Close - Wednesday 18th April 2018

Declaration – By submitting an entry form, you understand and accept these ‘Player Requirements’.

If so, open the Online Entry Form. A PDF version of form to print (please give to other players) is available here.

Contact details should you need them –

Mike Ford - 0438 575 304 / launcestonvets at

Erica Ayres - 0408 521 767 - 6339 1254

Northern Veterans Badminton
C/- Erica Ayres
P.O. Box 52
Ravenswood 7250