Life Membership is awarded to association members who have rendered long and meritorious service
to the club and/or who have made a substantial mark on the sport of badminton in Tasmania.

Robert Brockman - thumbnail
Robert Brockman

Life Membership awarded 2017
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Alan - Life Membership thumbnail
Alan Bottomley

Life Membership awarded 2017
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Matthew Gillie
Life Membership awarded 2015
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Greg Meaghan
Life Membership awarded 2015
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John Henderson
Life Membership awarded 2014
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Rose Meaghan
Life Membership awarded 2012
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Max Wood
Max Wood
Life Membership awarded 2012
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Bob Grundy
Bob Grundy
Life Membership awarded 2010
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Brian Coopper
Brian Cooper
Life Membership awarded 2006
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Terry Chapman
Terry Chapman
Life Membership awarded 2001
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Garry Davy
Gary Davy
Life Membership awarded 1995
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Phil Cooper
Phil Cooper
Life Membership awarded 1992
Doug Wylie
Doug Wylie
Life Membership awarded 1988
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Barbara Wesley
Barbara Wesley OAM
Life Membership awarded 1980
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Frank Laird 1962
Frank Laird
Life Membership awarded 1965
Harry Thompson
Harry Thompson OAM
Life Membership awarded 1964
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Bob Turnbull
Robert Turnbull
Life Membership awarded ?
George Jarvis
Life Membership awarded ?
Bernie Seidel
Bernie Seidel
Life Membership awarded ?
Rex Triffett
Rex Triffitt
Life Membership awarded 1951?
Eric Richman
Eric Richman
Life Membership awarded ?

Life Members board displayed at the H Thompson Badminton Centre:


RobertBrockmanRobert Brockman
Life Membership awarded 2017  

AlanBottomleyAlan Bottomley
Life Membership awarded 2017  

MatthewGillieMatthew Gillie
Life Membership awarded 2015  

Player Local
Matt has been a member, and played in the local roster, of the STBA since 1987; about  28 continuous years.
He started out in the Saturday afternoon and schools roster and then progressed to the STBA night roster where he has played continuously for 25 years. Up until last year he ran the Division One roster (in conjunction predominantly with Greg Meaghan and the late Jim Don) for a period of 15 years. Matt has won 10 Division One Winter Premierships.

Matt has been selected to represent, and played for, the Tasmanian State Team at the Australian National Championships over 21 years with three years at the junior level and 18 years at the Open level.
During this period he Captained Tasmania over five years.

Matt has won over 60 Tasmanian State Open titles, including 49 Men's Doubles titles, nine Tasmanian Championship titles and 13 STBA Invitational titles.
 Interstate he has won a South Australian Open title and two Victorian A Grade titles. Matt is a member of the Tasmanian Team of the Decade for the period from 2000 to 2009 and a member of the Turner Wylie Club having represented Tasmania at the highest level in 18 Australian National  Championships.

Matt has competed in 19 Australian National Championships, which incorporates the Ede Clendinnen Shield Team Event. He won a bronze medal in the team event in 2015 and made two semi-finals of the individual event in prior years.

Matt coached STBA players over a period of nine years, coaching two athletes into Australian Junior teams and one athlete to the World Junior Championships.
He coached three Tasmanian State U17 Teams and three Tasmanian State U19 Teams during this period one of the Tasmanian State U19 Teams finished second in Australia with seven top 10 Australian rankings (including a player ranked number one in Australia).

Matt was instrumental in the introduction of the STBA's very own team (the Southern Sharks) in the U17 Australasian Championships. One of his proudest moments as a coach was coaching the first ever Southern Sharks team in Auckland, New Zealand.
He also, in conjunction with Adele, established the Elizabeth College Athlete Development Badminton Program for STBA junior players.
 At a National level Matt has coached two Australian junior teams, one to a gold medal in the Pan Pacific Championships against Singapore and another to a silver medal at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.

Administrator Local
Matt served as a member of the Committee of Management of the STBA for 15 years up until the recent birth of his son Clancy.
During this period he served as Vice President of the STBA for two years under President Bob Grundy and was an active member of the Finance and Junior Development Sub-Committees.

For a period of two years, during temporary periods of absence by President Bob Grundy, Matt chaired the meetings of the Committee of Management.

As a Chartered Accountant Matt has provided mentoring, advice and assistance to the respective Treasurers of the STBA for well over 10 years.  Matt was Treasurer of the organising Committee when the STBA ran the Australian U19 National Championships and an active member of the organising committees when the STBA hosted the Australian National Championships and the U17 Australasian Championships.

More recently, over 4 years ago, Matt established the STBA's Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Program which was established to integrate members of the CALD Communities into the local communities through the sport of badminton. This program has been recognised Nationally by the Australian Sports Commission who came down to film a vidcast of the program to use as a benchmark for other programs around the country. Matt has obtained generous sponsorship from GOSEN for the STBA CALD Program for over four years and negotiated direct sponsorship for four STBA players. For a period of 4 1/2 years Matt has been solely responsible for the successful delivery of the STBA CALD Program which has included him establishing the GOSEN Australian Malaysian National Badminton Championships and, in conjunction with Brent, the GOSEN Tasmanian Team Championships.

Matt, in conjunction with Ernest, has significantly grown the size of the GOSEN Australian Malaysian National Badminton Championships - in 2015 the Championships attracted the equal highest number of players participating and the most number of matches played compared to all other Tasmanian State Tournaments in 2015.

At a National level Matt is a current Director of Badminton Australia (BA) and Chairman of the Audit & Risk Committee. He has been in that role for eight years during which time he and his fellow Directors have overseen the successful delivery of two Australian Open Super Series events on the International Calendar (with $750,000 in prize money the highest in the World) and a winning bid to host the 2017 Sudirman Cup World Mixed Teams Championship on the Gold Coast.

 Matt has previously been an active member of BA's Junior Development Committee and a National Junior Selector.
In 2013 Badminton Australia awarded Matt a Conspicuous Service Award for outstanding service to badminton in Australia.

Other Projects

Tasmanian Badminton Reunion Dinner
Matt, in conjunction with Brent Mundy, established the concept of the Tasmanian Badminton Association Reunion Dinner in 2013 and oversaw the successful delivery of over 300 people attending the biggest ever reunion dinner in Tasmanian badminton history. Six Teams of the Decade (from 1950 to 1959 to 2000 to 2009) were announced on the night together with 15 inductees into the Turner Wylie Club.

Tasmanian State Team Caps 
Matt, together with Brent Mundy, established the Tasmanian State Team Caps. They painstakingly went back 86 years to every player that had represented Tasmania at the highest level since 1929 and allocated each player a cap number for the first time they represented Tasmania. Now, each time a new player represents Tasmania they are presented with a playing shirt with their cap number embroidered on the playing shirt. There are 217 players that have represented Tasmania since 1929 and Matt is number 176 he is the equal second most capped player in the history of Tasmanian badminton alongside the legendary Doug Wylie.

Healthy Active Australia Community and Schools Grants Program
After Bob Grundy and Alan Gough successfully applied for the HAACS School Grant and commenced the implementation process Matt managed the program for the STBA Committee during the 18 month grant period, a program which was aimed at increasing the number of students in primary schools participating in school badminton and employed a coach and administrator to coach in the primary schools around Southern Tasmania.

Hot Shots
Matt co-ordinated the implementation of the Hot Shots program in the STBA badminton centre in 2014 with the aim to increase revenue for the STBA and attract young people to the badminton centre.

Technical Official
Matt was a technical official at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games and when he was coach of the Tasmanian State Junior Teams he was passionate about the junior players undertaking the junior umpire course with Peter Cocker to improve their skills and experience. 

Manager / Selector
Matt has managed Tasmanian State Open Teams and was a selector for eight years for Tasmanian U17 and U19 State Teams.

TBA Delegate
For the last eight years Matt has been the TBA delegate to both the Australian Commonwealth Games Association Tasmanian Division and the Tasmanian Olympic 3  STBA Life Membership  Matthew Gillie   Council. Over the last five years he has been Vice President of the Tasmanian Olympic Council.

Matt has been passionate about badminton and the STBA for over 28 years since he first walked into the badminton centre to play with his Dad. In the early years he received tremendous support from his Mum (Julie) and Dad (Daryl) and he played alongside his younger brother Adam.
Over the next 28 years he has been involved in all facets of the game from playing, coaching and administration right from the grass roots level up to the local, state and National level.
If you talk to Matt his simple goal has always been to put more into the sport than he has taken out and he can safely say that he has done just that.
He says he is indebted to the sport because it was through the sport 19 years ago that he met, and later married, his lovely wife Olivia and now they have a beautiful little boy in Clancy. 

Matt is the youngest ever person to be awarded life membership of the STBA.

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Greg Meaghan Greg Meaghan
Life Membership awarded 2015  

Greg Meaghan has provided distinguished service to the STBA for many years as a player, coach and as an administrator.

 Greg started playing in STBA rosters over thirty years ago and apart from a recent period of illness, has played continuously at local and intra-state tournaments.

 For more than 10 years Greg was an administrator on the STBA Committee, helping to run Divisional rosters in Divisions 1 and 2.

 In 1981 Greg (along with Doug Trenham) started the Saturday Junior roster.
Later Warren Walker took over from Doug Trenham and assisted Greg to run this roster for many years. This roster produced many State and Open Graded players.

 Greg has also qualified as a coach and has been working in this capacity at local level and State levels for over 10 years.

 Greg has also assisted in the running of several Australian Open and Australian Junior Championships when the carnivals have been held in Hobart.

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JohnHendersojnJohn Henderson
Life Membership awarded 2014  

John first became associated with the STBA in 1990 when his eldest son started playing badminton in the high-school roster and the Saturday afternoon roster.
His other 2 sons quickly followed playing in the Saturday afternoon roster. This saw John start helping out with the afternoon groups. Then, when his boys started playing night time roster, he decided to nominate as a player himself.

During his own teenage years he had played badminton at the Moonah Badminton Centre under the watchful eye of Bob Turnbull (his cousin) one of the early stalwarts of badminton in southern Tasmania. 

With his boys involvement this was a wonderful opportunity to start playing again!! 

For the past 18 years (since 1996) John has played in Div4 and for much of the time taking on the role of Division co-ordinator. In more recent times he has encouraged other players to also take on these roles so the divisions run more effectively and to share the organising load. 

As his 3 sons' level of involvement grew into playing at state level he took on a more active role in the association and was elected to the STBA committee in 1999. 

In 2003 he was elected as STBA President, a position he held until 2010. After a further 2 years as Vice-president he was re-elected as President again for 2012. In 2013/2014 he again took on the role of Vice President to support the new incoming President.

In his role as President /Vice President John has been an STBA representative on the TBA Council at their meetings in Launceston. The position of STBA President also involves being TBA State President once every 3 years (as required by the TBA constitution) and has also been a TBA representative at Badminton Australia AGMs in Melbourne. 

Since 2004 to present day (2014) John has been on the STBA Maintenance Committee. This saw an injection of enthusiasm to get some much need upgrading done at the South Hobart Centre ie: improvements to court lighting, new carpet, new floor covering around canteen area, new seating behind centre courts, seating extended behind courts 7&8, repainting centre, security system upgrade, etc and liaising with various trades people to get these and many more jobs done.

At most STBA tournaments played at South Hobart you will see John Henderson busy in the role of a Division manager for one of the grades ensuring that everything is running smoothly and games are being put onto the available courts. 

In September 2015 John was awarded a Badminton Australia Award of Merit.

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RoseMeaghanRose Meaghan
Life Membership awarded 2012  

For over 23 years Rose Meaghan has been involved in badminton in the STBA.  This involvement has included playing in the night roster, the Hobart Ladies Badminton (HLBA) roster, divisional championships, and all the Tasmanian Badminton Association (TBA) sanctioned tournaments around the State.

 However, Roses most significant contribution to the STBA has arguably been her role as Secretary;  a total of 19 years up to the date of this award (2012).

 After serving only two years on the STBA Committee, Rose was elected Secretary in 1993.  She has held that position continuously ever since, except for one year (2010).

 As Secretary, Rose has performed various roles such as Event Director for significant local, State (TBA sanctioned) and National tournaments.  These include the City of Hobart, the STBA Invitational and the STBA Divisional championships.  Such tournaments require a great deal of skill and expertise to run as smoothly as they do.

 Rose also coordinates the necessary processes to organise the regular night rosters, including publishing of teams, rosters, pennants, certificates and trophies as required for presentation to winners of rosters and tournaments.

 Rose has also been involved in assisting with running the School and College rosters with their finals and annual championships over many years.

 Rose also serves as the Public Officer of the Association.  This involves liaison with outside organisations, companies and institutions and also often involves large amounts of time and effort.

 In the past, Rose has also been a member of the HLBA Committee and served as its President.

In September 2015 Rose was awarded a Service Diploma from Badminton Australia.

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MaxWoodMax Wood
Life Membership awarded 2012  

Max has been awarded a Life Membership of the STBA in recognition of his long and distinguished career spanning over 60 years in the sport of badminton (some of those years being in Victoria) at both local, state and national levels.

Max joined the STBA in 1990.   Initially he started coaching both junior and senior level players at the Badminton Centre a practice he continued for several years.  On many occasions too, Max acted as a Referee on roster nights.

 He was elected as a member of the STBA Committee in 1994 and served until 2009, a total of 16 years!  Also he was a member of the Maintenance Committee for 10 years.  When the four new courts were added in 1993, Max painted the walls green.

 Max acted as the STBAs representative on the Tasmanian Badminton Associations (TBA) Committee for a number of years.  He later became the STBA representative on the TBA Committee for selecting the State Senior and Junior Teams.  Also at the State level, Max joined the TBA Coaches Committee (TBCC) ultimately becoming its Chairperson.  As late as 2012 Max retained an association with the TBCC.

For many years Max has devoted many hours to coaching and conducted coaching clinics.  Many current players will remember his extensive coaching of the Saturday afternoon junior players (for beginners up to Year 12).  But his efforts have also extended to conducting coaching clinics in country areas such as Cygnet, Taranna and Deloraine.  Level 1A coaching clinics were also offered to North West players on behalf of the STBA, to enable players to become coaches themselves.

 Maxs skills have been extended to a number of community organisations.  For example Max coached Refugees at the Pontville Centre, provided coaching to disabled players at Cosmos Recreation Services, and coached Elizabeth College students for three years and Cosgrove High students for two years.

 Nationally, Max received a Sport Achievement Award awarded by the Australian Government and the Award of Merit from Badminton Australia.

 In 2010 Max was elected a Patron of the STBA and subsequently retired from badminton on medical grounds.

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BobGrundyRobert (Bob) Grundy
Life Membership awarded 2010  

 Bob Grundy is a person who has made a major commitment to the association both as a player and as an administrator.

 Bob was elected as Vice President in 1991 and remained in that position until 1994 when he was elected President.  Bob continued as President until 2002 and was then Vice President again until 2008 - a total of 17 years on the Executive Committee!
During that time he also served as President of the Tasmanian Badminton Association (TBA) for three periods on rotation with our North and North West counterparts.

 During Bobs time as President, there was fierce competition from other sporting clubs and organisations to grab attention and appeal to our members to participate in their activities.  Against this background, Bob successfully campaigned for an extension to the freehold lease of the badminton centre for a further 21 years, thus securing the future of the STBA.  Bob also led the push to acquire the land to the south of the centre for the building of four new courts after gaining the necessary approvals.

There was a strong building maintenance program implemented with new safety signs, fire fighting systems, extra lights and a new public address system.  Land opposite the centre was reassigned as a sealed carpark for members of the association as well as the public.

In addition, Bob was often at the centre, fixing broken fixtures, etc, with little recognition.

 Bob worked tirelessly to restructure the badminton associations of Tasmania especially the TBA constitution with a view to having one consolidated organisation that could be affiliated with the National Association, representing one voice for all badminton players in Tasmania.  Alas, the fruits of Bobs efforts are yet to be realized!

Bob also helped to secure a Government grant to have a junior development officer appointed for the STBA.

Bob has tirelessly supported and mentored STBA players at tournaments usually turning up whether or not a family member was playing.  As a player Bob was always ready to assist junior players who were climbing the badminton ladder, without sounding like their old man.

So Bob has been involved at all levels of badminton, from administration, negotiator, president, player in roster and veterans tournaments and keeping a watchful eye on the childrens roster, the school roster and even the daytime ladies roster!!

In September 2015 Bob received a Conspicuous Service Award from Badminton Australia.

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BrianCooperBrian Cooper
Life Membership awarded 2006  

Brian Coopers dedication to the sport of badminton started when he began playing with his family at 14 years of age with the St Georges Club, and has continued throughout his life.  He was a member of St Georges teams that won many premierships including A Grade wins with Glen Doran, Jane Forrest and Jason Williams.

 Brian won his First Tasmanian Singles title in 1983, defeating Ken Turner 15/10, 15/9.  He then went on to win the national Singles title in Melbourne in 1960, and the Mixed Doubles title with his sister, Shirley, (Courtney) in the Under 19 National Carnival.

 In 1989 Brian won gold as a member of an Australian Masters team.  In 2002 he won Silver at the World Masters teams event and won a gold medal in the mens doubles event.  In 1989 he also received the Australian Government Sport and Achievement Award in recognition of his services to badminton.

 Apart from a short time playing with the AYC organisation, he has played and coached with the STBA over many years.  His dedication to coaching in the Centre over a thirty year period is well known.  As well, he has been a friend and mentor to many players, supporting them and encouraging them to perform at their best.  Brian has coached all levels of players from A grade to those just wanting to improve their game, children and adults, giving each of them encouragement and confidence.

From 1989 to 1998 he was coach of the Tasmanian Senior team on 7 occasions.

Badminton remains a major part of Brians life and he is a dedicated member of the STBA, always willing to assist if required, still attending tournaments and championships.

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TerryChapmanTerry Chapman
Life Membership awarded 2001  

Terry Chapman was a member of the STBA for more than 20 years from around 1980 onwards and was a tireless worker for the association, active in many roles.

In 1982 Terry was a badminton Court Official at the Commonwealth Games, held in Brisbane.

 During 1991 and 1992 Terry organised the groundwork necessary to obtain the space for the extra four courts (Nos 9, 10, 11 and 12) at the centre.  This included the task of allaying the objections lodged by the neighbourhood during the process of obtaining approval.

The new courts were opened for play on 4 June 1993.

 Terry was the organiser of the Southern Secondary Schools roster for more than 20 years and the College roster for approximately 5 years.

 Terry was a prominent Committee member for many years and held various positions such as President, Vice President, Treasurer and general committee member. He was either President or Vice President for a total of 8 years.

As a player and competitor Terry has represented the STBA as Captain and/or Manager of various graded triangular teams and competed for many years in the STBA roster, championships and TBA sanctioned tournaments.

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Gary DavyGary Davy
Life Membership awarded 1995  

Gary joined the STBA Committee in 1987 and became part of the Organising committee for the first Australian Masters Games, (held in Hobart from 28 November to 12 December 1987).

In 1988 Gary took on the job of STBA Treasurer where he rendered sterling service until 1995 (8 years). He was also Treasurer for the Southern High Schools Roster for 8 years.

Gary was also involved with organising the Saturday Junior roster for a period of 8 years.

In addition Gary conducted Level O Coaching courses for teachers and parents of High School students.

He also helped organise the Tasmanian Masters s Games which had its inaurguration in 1989.

Gary was the STBA Representative on the Australian Olympic Committee and also our representative on the Commonwealth Games Council.

Garry started playing badminton from the age of about 17.

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Phil CooperPhil Cooper
Life Membership awarded 1992

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Doug WylieDouglas John Wylie (Born 27July 1938)
Life Membership awarded 1988

Doug Wylie is perhaps the most legendary member of the STBA to have played badminton in Tasmania.

He dominated the sport in Hobart, and indeed in Tasmania, for more than 2 decades from 1957 to 1978. During this period he won a very large number of titles. In the STBA Invitational Tournaments alone he won 19 Mens Singles titles, 17 Mens Doubles titles, and 8 Mixed Doubles titles; a feat not equalled before or since!
In the Tasmanian Championships he was victorious 8 times in Mens Singles, 10 times in Mens Doubles, and 6 times in Mixed Doubles.

Doug was a member of the State Senior team for 18 years between 1958 and 1980 and captained the state side for 12 senior carnivals (the Clendinnen Shield). He was coach of the senior team in 1982.

Doug represented Tasmania against South Africa in 1963 and against New Zealand in 1969 and 1973.  He also represented Australia against New Zealand in 1971 when Australia retained the Whyte Trophy.

He represented the STBA in the intrastate series (the Triangulars) from 1958 to 1983 and captained the team from 1960 to 1983.

He won the Tasmanian Sports Award for services to badminton in 1988

Doug served on the STBA Committee from 1964 to 1990, and as President from 1983 to 1990.
He was also President of the Tasmanian Badminton Association in 1984 and 1987.

Doug was elected a Life Member in 1988.

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Barbara U17 CarnivalBarbara Wesley OAM
Life Membership awarded 1980

Barbara Wesley was a stalwart supporter of the Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association for more than 17 years leading up to her award of life membership in 1980 and she continued to serve the association as either secretary or treasurer for another 8 years after her award and then many more years in other roles such as coaching and administration.

She served on various committees and held many roles at various times, including event director, manager, coach, umpire, selector, secretary, treasurer and statistician.

In 1988 she was honoured with another life membership, this time with the State badminton association (the TBA).   In that same year she was also presented with a Service to Sport award from  the Sportman's Association of Australia.

Masters Over55Barbara said that her most memorable event was being Event Director for the badminton section of the First Australian Masters Games (December 1987) and competing in those games where she won a  gold medal in the doubles (with Freda Lees) and a bronze medal in the mixed doubles (with Harry Thompson) in the Over 55 age group.

(Click the photo to the left to see a larger image of the Over 55 group).  
In 1995 Barbara received a Conspicuous Service Award from Badminton Australia, and then in the year 2000 she also received an Australian Sports Medal .
(The year 2000 was the only year that the Australian Sports medals were awarded).

In 1998 Barbara was further honoured with a City of Glenorchy Citizen Award.

OAM document
In 2002 Barbara was recognised with the very high honour of an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for Service to Sport administration in Tasmania, particularly to badminton.
(Click the image to the left to enlarge).

In 2004 Barbara received an Australian Government Sport Achievement Award.

Jacket-pocketThe image to the left is a photo of the pocket from Barbara's State jacket.
It shows her TBA Life Member badge, her STBA Life Member badge and her City of Glenorchy Citizen Award badge as well as a list of her years as Secretary of the TBA embroidered along the bottom.
(Click the image to enlarge).

Barbara continues to maintain her interest in the STBA  having attended nearly every AGM up to the present (2016), and she is currently a joint Patron of the STBA (along with Max Wood), and also Patron of the TBA.

Barbara Wesley retired from badminton in Tasmania in 2010, after serving  almost 50 years in the administration of the sport.

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Frank LairdFrank Laird
Life Membership awarded 1965

Frank was Treasuer of the STBA from 1964 to 1970, and was a member of the committee for 5 years before becoming the Treasurer

Altogether he served on the STBA committee for 12 years.

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HarryThompsonHarry Thompson OAM
Life Membership awarded 1964

Harry Thompson had a huge influence on badminton and on the Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association and was the person mainly responsible for establishing the badminton centre at 101 Cascade Road.

Up until the hall at South Hobart was opened in 1963 players lacked a permanent hall in which to play.  Instead they used Wesley Hall, St Georges Hall, City Hall, St Marks, St Stephens and the Landsdowne Crescent Halls, none of which could be guaranteed as a permanent venue.

Then along came badminton stalwart Harry Thompson, a real estate agent who spotted the old sandstone-built former reservoir on Cascade Road and saw it as a potential site for a dedicated badminton hall.   Harry used his extensive contacts within Government, the Hobart City Council and the business community to lobby for leasing the property with a view to constructing a hall housing 8 badminton courts.

Public support for the proposal was gained through an item published in The Mercury.  Local businesses provided interest-free loans and members provided labour to make up one third of the finances required; one third of the cost was provided by the Hobart City Council and the remaining third was granted by the State Government. 
badgeHarry himself took a year off from work to project-manage the construction of the Centre.  Another club committee member Bill Dixon - provided his services as Architect and Engineer.  Life member Phil Cooper provided the electrical installation.  Another member Brian Guy - was the main contractor for the building.

At the opening of the Centre on 21st October 1963 the Premier, the Honourable Eric Reece, MHA suggested naming the centre The H Thompson Badminton Centre in honour of the dedicated work provided by Harry.  This was duly done.  A 40 year lease of the site was negotiated and this was later re-negotiated for a period of 21 years commencing in 2003.

Harry served the STBA for 15 years as Secretary (1956 to 1970) and then another 11 years as President (1972 to 1982).  He was also Secretary of the Southern Tasmanian Badminton Coaches Association.

At the state level he served 3 terms as President of the TBA, President of the Tasmanian Coaches Committee, Coach of the Tasmanian Junior Harry-OAMBadminton teams and Manager of the Tasmanian Open Badminton teams.

At a National Level, Harry served as President of the Australian Badminton Association (ABA) as well as a Board member of the ABA.  He also became a national selector for Badminton and Manager of the Australian Badminton White Trophy team.  Harry was also a technical Assistant at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada in 1978.

Harry was recognized internationally with the award of a Meritorious Service Award from the International Badminton Federation in 1987  and as further recognition of his achievements he was presented with an Award of Merit" in 1995.  

Finally, in 1995 Harrys untiring efforts in both badminton and other organisations in the community were rewarded with an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for service to the community and to sport in Tasmania.

 (Click the certificate for a larger image)

Harry passed away in  2002.


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